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For Allison (Drama): Two-Time Oscar nominated director Bruce Beresford, (Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies) is on to direct. A reclusive award winning author (BEN), grinding through a tragedy driven drought, emerges from his perpetual state of darkness after a chance encounter with the spirited, feisty, Latino single mom, (ESME) and her wise-beyond-her years daughter (PALOMA). Years after moving to the Arizona desert, author Ben Wilson is still haunted by the loss of his daughter (ALLISON), estrangement of his son (ED) and the inability to write.


A chance meeting with the manager of the town laundromat Esme, who comes over the border for work each day, will change Ben forever. Esme knows who he is – has read his books – and she has some spunk and takes no bull. From the first visit, she’s under Ben’s skin. Eventually, Ben meets Esme’s daughter Paloma, who may be even more of a match for Ben than her mom. As much as Ben tries to maintain a wall, he’s losing the battle. Esme and Paloma slowly tear down Ben’s gruff exterior. He will emerge long enough to write again, feel again, and finally have the longing peace from his haunted past; and in return, a surprise gift to Esme and Paloma will change their lives.

Quotes from "The Black List" - "A compelling drama, touching but never sappy, that features incredibly vivid characters.  The story is written with clarity, focus and a very personal style. There is excellent control of the craft, with brilliant dialogue and characters who all speak in distinct voices"

"Heartfelt and authentic. A powerful and organic drama feature. It is a solid indie project. Ben and Esme are beautiful roles that could get the actors accolades"

Rage Against The Night  (Dramatic Thriller -- Out to Directors):  Inspired by an Actual Event of the 1980’s Chicago police torture scandal by a police commander and his "Midnight Crew".  MANUEL, a Latino literature professor seeking tenure to remain in the USA agrees to do a poetry workshop in a prison. But when ANTWAN, a black inmate on death row secretly communicates to him through his poetry that he’s innocent, the professor sacrifices everything to try and stop the inmate’s fast-approaching execution.  

**Screenplay has moved to Recommend on The Black List ** Quote: "RAGE AGAINST THE NIGHT is a very strong work of art with a lot of potential to go beyond the page. Depending on casting and the creative team, this film would work at any prestige studio arm. There is potential for breakout performances and with the project being culturally and socially relevant, it has fall release written all over it"

Playing The Dead  (Thriller - Out to Directors): Bold unique high concept thriller.  A beautiful mysterious woman NICOLE, offers a down-on-his-luck impressionist RICHIE, a million dollars to live with her for three months in her private island mansion; unbeknownst to him, it's to bring back to life (physically impersonate) her dead family members-- or his estranged family will die. But everything is not as it seems with the beautiful Nicole-- a suspenseful page turner with witty writing and plenty of cinematic moments.  A Hitchcockian "MISERY"/ "FATAL ATTRACTION" for a new generation that offers up a couple of nice reversals. 


From The Black List & Austin Film Festival  ...  "The writer absolutely blows this out of the water. It is unique, creative and well thought out from the first word to the very last. From the eeriness to the twists, the concept is so well done and the writer clearly not only knows the genre well, but shows how capable they are of taking it to another level."


"This script is a fascinating thriller that turns horror concepts like SPLIT on their heads by creating a protagonist whose skills allow him to become multiple people in order to survive. Well plotted, with major twists that are unexpected and satisfying, and the contained nature of the story allows for an exciting SHREW'S NEST-eqsue thriller"

A Little Hope (Christmas / Family) Adam and Lisa have a busy life.  They have successful careers and a comfortable, yet stagnant marriage with no time for the upcoming holidays.  Something needs to change.  “HOPE” is on the way…whether they like it or not.  


Adam and Lisa wake up one morning to Hope, a six-year-old claiming to be their daughter.  Hope has her own bedroom. The living room has family photos. Everyone around seems to know Hope as their daughter.  Is it a joke, mistake, or maybe a little Christmas magic at work?  Adam and Lisa will learn what’s important in life.

Blackwater (In Development-- Sci-Fi thriller): When unexplained earthquakes, sinkholes, animal deaths and the sickness of the population rock the tiny mining town of Blackwater Texas, a well-known documentary filmmaker NOAH, and his crew set out to uncover the reason why.  Soon, they’re introduced to the big business world of fracking and the harsh effects it has on the community of Blackwater. But when they discover a conspiracy that runs far deeper than corruption or corporate greed-- and seems to involve something “extraterrestrial”--the stakes are drastically raised. With their film, as well as their lives, now endangered --the filmmakers fight to expose the lies that have been buried for years.  Concept / Mood Trailer- 

Blood and Thunder  (Crime Thriller): VIC (50) is a good detective completely at ease walking an ethical tightrope to get the bad guys. He's ready for a better life with his girlfriend LUPE (40's) and to finally make peace with his haunted past. His best friend and partner ABEL (50's) has one more "job" to do that will set Vic up to retire with financial freedom. In a robbery drenched in blood and bullets, Vic and Able come out on top but, shortly after the heist, Vic's mission is derailed when Abel is murdered. Vic joins forces with tough female detective AMANDA (40) to track down Abel's killer. As the investigation progresses, Vic's past rears its head and his morally and erratic behavior clashes with Amanda's steadfast pursuit of the truth. Piece by piece, an elaborate tapestry of deception and twists unravel as the narrative charges toward a climax of reckoning. 


In the vein and tone of films like "Training Day" and "To Live And Die In LA".  Can Vic find peace...or in the playground of drug pushers and snitches-- is his fate already predestined?

Charlotte Sometimes  (Drama): CHARLOTTE (60′s) hadn’t worked in Hollywood in a long time.  A star actor yet, deemed “difficult,” who liked a drink or two.  She didn’t help herself by hooking up with SAM EDWARDS (60), unreliable, with an aversion to settle down. Their adventures led them outside of  Hollywood, and eventually from each other.  Charlotte moved to South Dakota and became caretaker to Sam’s dad, SENIOR (80′s). Sam would come and go in Charlotte and Senior’s lives over the years but, never sticking around too long. An out of the blue call from Hollywood gives Charlotte a shot back “in” with “the” role. Between her long time friend/agent and Senior, she’s becoming convinced to take the role. No sooner does she commit emotionally than Sam shows up, again. This time perhaps to settle down? Knowing it’s her last shot, with Senior urging her to not pass this up, Sam on the other hand telling her don’t do this, no one wants to see you again on screen. With emotions ratcheted up and their thirty year history on the line–Charlotte will face off with Sam one last time.

It Ain’t New Yawk (Comedy): Inspired by award winning writer Michael Arturo's play. A funny, fish-out-of-water story about five transplants from New York trying to adapt to the ways of the west coast. Film reveals the universality of ambition, love and friendship in, at times, the self-absorbed, roller-blading, spin-cycling, lipo-suctioning, silicon-implanting, decafe - latte'ing, almond milk'ing world of Hollywood. “New Yawk” is as funny as it is poignant with its universal themes woven throughout the story narrative. The screenplay blends endearing characters, unique voices, spoken with that New York staccato dialogue reminiscent of  David Mamet.

Hush (Thriller - Ted Campbell to direct): Megan (36) is a successful doctor with a loving husband Alex (38), and they're expecting their first child--life is good; but things start to take a turn. When a couple of Megan's colleagues are killed, she begins to suspect her beautiful but mysterious new tenant Dallis (29), the "sister" of her former tenant. Megan will come to find that Dallis is not who she claims to be and in fact, her and Dallis have met before, one fateful night twelve years ago in the ER where Megan was a young resident.


When Megan figures who her "new friend" and tenant is, she will have to fight to protect all she loves...including her unborn child.

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