06/20   Destiny develops screenplay Rage Against The Night, a social justice crime thriller inspired by actual                       events written by Akiva Cohen

12/19    Destiny nabs movie rights to the psychological medical thriller novel Chasing Victory, by Dr. Joshua Shifrin


10/19    2x Oscar nominated Director Bruce Beresford on to direct For Allison.

06/18    Destiny Pictures Had No Involvement In Trump NK Summit Video                                   

             CNN   Guardian

07/17    Destiny Pictures developing dramatic screenplay For Allison.

05/15    Destiny developing the post Katrina jazz drama West End Blues.

04/13    Fangoria interviews Fairuza Balk star of Dose of Reality

04/13    Dread Central interviews Fairuza Balk star of Dose of Reality

03/13    Dose of Reality gets distribution

08/12    First trailer for the mystery thriller Dose of Reality

08/11    Virgil Films and Entertainment announce September 20th DVD release Of My Run

02/11    My Run sprints to 500 movie theaters nationwide

12/10    My Run - official trailer

11/10    Psych 9 heads to Lions Gate

06/10    My Run wins Outstanding Achievement in Documentary at the 2010 VisionFest in NYC.

04/10    My Run wins Outstanding Achievement in Documentary at the 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival

06/10    My Run wins Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2010 Las Vegas Film Festival.

12/09    My Run wins Best Documentary at the 2009 Mammoth Film Festival.

11/09    Psych 9 – to open theatrically in the UK

11/09    My Run wins the Audience Award at the 2009 Austin Film Festival.

10/09    My Run sprints to the 2009 Austin Film Festival for world premiere

07/09   The documentary My Run, based on Terry Hitchcock’s story  is now complete. The film is narrated by Academy

             Award winner Billy Bob Thornton. After losing his wife to breast cancer, Terry Hitchcock ran 75 consecutive

             marathons in 75 consecutive days from Minnesota to Georgia, to bring awareness to the plight of

             single parent families. Official Trailer:

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