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Mark Castaldo is an award-winning Producer and is available for consultation and/or hire. He will collaborate with you to oversee all aspects of production bringing a team/crew together for a seamless cost effective production.

​Send an e-mail to: 
with information on your project.

   “I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Castaldo for close to 15 years. He has always been a man of integrity, intelligence and imagination. He has a profound knowledge of key filmmaking elements like story, finance, production, marketing and distribution. In addition, his experience covers a wide breadth of genres, from comedy to thrillers to documentaries. I truly believe that any production would be fortunate to have Mark on board as its producer”.  ~ Mark Heidelberger, Production Manager/Producer                                                  

  "Mark has a number of great projects and the determination to get them made. He has a well rounded knowledge of the business, is honest and straightforward - tells it like it is and takes no B/S - all the attributes of a great producer."   ~Malcolm Reeve, Producer / Former COO - Scott / Free Productions

   “Mark is a team player and has a perfect blend of creative and business skills. My film’s success is a direct result of Mark’s leadership, focus, and the desire to create the best piece possible with the resources available”. 
~ Christopher Glatis, Director/Writer


   “Mark Castaldo was an amazing producer to work for. He made sure everything went smoothly. He is a great leader with a keen understanding of each department! It was a pleasure to design one of his films”.  ~ Caley Bisson, Production Designer/Director                                                       

   “Mark Castaldo is a consummate professional. His ability to clearly and effectively convey his vision for a project and then coalesce a creative team to effectively realize that vision makes for a productive and highly creative work experience. His honest, direct, no nonsense approach to the projects we’ve worked on together has allowed me to be fully immersed in writing music rather than being distracted the politics that can oftentimes muddy the creative waters of a film project. My experiences working with him have been consistently positive so I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a valuable asset to any project”.
~ Steve Horner, Composer/Producer


   “Mark Castaldo is a vital asset to the creative development of a story. His unique sensibility for structure, character and plot are invaluable assets when guiding a film from script to screen.” ~ Jeremy Elliott, Screenwriter/Producer​


   “Mark Castaldo knows all the ingredients that makes a great story. He is reliable, loves movies and loves making movies. Once he’s on a script he never gives up. Don’t let the “New Yawk” accent scare you; he’s the nicest guy on earth. I’ve collaborated with Mark for 15 years and hope to do it forever. He will fight like hell to make the best film possible.”
~ Doug Campbell, Screenwriter/Director


   “Having worked with Mark on numerous projects over the years, I can attest to his great ear for story, his amazing commercial instincts, an incredibly strong work ethic, and a talent to find projects with both legs and heart. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him who needs an intelligent, seasoned, imaginative and indispensable producer.” ~ Patsy Hilbert, Screenwriter​


   “Mark’s the guy you want on your side. He always thinks through the situation at hand thoroughly before committing to action. Sensitive, loyal and intelligent, he always puts himself in your position. He has an acute business acumen, his understanding of the business of film-making and entertainment is second to none.” ~ Michael Arturo, Writer/Actor​


   “I have known Mark Castaldo for 15 years and have enjoyed our varied business ventures. Not only has he been a source of creative inspiration, he has proven over and over his dedication to writers, actors, and filmmakers. He has a depth of knowledge about the industry and is at the ready to make time to share it with others. I value his business savvy and understanding of the myriad challenges we all face in this business.”   ~ Thomas Ray, Actor/Screenwriter​


   “Mark is amazing. We had known each other for years and once we worked together on a project I realized that he would be a terrific producer to join forces with. He is very thorough in setting up a film project and his notes on script development and details are right on. We are still involved in projects and I will recommend him to anyone.” ~ Ron Gilbert, Actor/Writer /Producer

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